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Our medical billing & coding solutions compliment each other by attracting more patients and billing medical services in the most efficient and effective methods available in the market.

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Premier Health Billing Services is a medical billing and coding solution dedicated to providing expert services in order to increase revenue for our clients. Our business solutions work hand in hand in order to help you increase revenue and patient volume, while decreasing liability and overhead. 

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Trust us to handle your unpaid claims, appeal secondary filings, exclusions & denials, payment posting & patient billing. which will give you the time to focus on your practice growth.

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Patients trust a specialist to do a specialized job such as being their physician. So why wouldn’t you trust a specialist  with our unique experience and expertise to market your practice? We understand the ins and outs of medical practices of all sizes. We know how to make patients feel positive about their doctors, and how to proactively position a practice within the overall community.

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Premier Health Billing Services is a full service agency designed to meet and surpass the medical coding & marketing needs of Physicians looking to increase their practice profitability. Give our friendly and knowledgeable staff a call today to answer any questions.

  • Billing
    All the billing expertise needed and more

    Premier Health Billing Services has over 20+ years of billing expertise and coding knowledge ready for your disposal. We work your claim until it is paid and you are happy.

  • Marketing
    We get you found

    Would you hand out a business card with the wrong information to someone? No. So, you should treat your online profile the same way regarding your Practice.  We handle digital marketing, content creation, reputation management, Google Adwords, and a host of other services to help get you found.

  • Consultation
    We dive deep to explore and lend our expertise

    Premier Health Billing Services offers best in class services with over 20 years’ experience. Couple that with being available to our customers around the clock and in Southern California. This makes our partnership with your medical practice that much stronger!

  • Transparency
    Future practices start with us

    Transparency and results! The 2 fundamental elements to a healthy and profitable business partnership. Premier Health Billing Services provides BOTH! We not only get results, but also educate and show you what exactly we do when it comes to medical billing and your practice.

Our experienced team

Our team is experienced and ready to lend our voice along with our knowledge to ultimately help benefit your medical billing & coding bottom line. Our team helps find the solution that is uniquely personalized to meet your individual practice’s needs. Let us take the headaches out of your revenue management today!

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  • Transparency
  • Results
  • Team work.
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